companies must accommodate Beijing’s wishes

  • The Newt

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    They have to adapt themselves to Beijing's wishes; in other words, they have to accommodate Beijing's wishes. "Beijing's wishes" is the direct object of the verb.


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    OK. I wonder then what would be the difference (I really don't see it) between to accommodate Beijing's wishes and to accommodate to Beijing's wishes?

    The Newt

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    I don't regard "accommodate to Beijing's wishes" as being correct. Here's a different example:

    Smart investors quickly accommodated to the new market conditions.

    In this sentence, the investors adapt themselves in light of the new market conditions, but they don't do anything to "accommodate" those conditions (because conditions are not agents, and don't need to be accommodated). In the Beijing example, companies directly accommodate Beijing's wishes. That is, Beijing has wishes, and companies accommodate them, but "market conditions" do not have wishes; it is the companies who accommodate (themselves) to new conditions.
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