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Which sentence is correct?


I saw a job on your company's Web site.
I saw a job on your company's Website.
I saw a job on your company Web site.
I saw a job on your company Website.

My opinion:
3 and 4 should be wrong, unless the name of the web is "company".
I saw 1 in my book for writing cover letter, but my dictionary suggests 2 is correct.

  • A "company website" is a type of website just as a "personal website" or a "church website" or "government website" is a type of website. I don't see a problem with "company website". I wouldn't capitalize "Website".

    I just checked with our documentation manager here and she says that Microsoft's style guide says that "Web site" is correct, including the capitalization. To me "website" is one word, but lists it as two words with "Web" capitalized. I'm surprised.

    I may not be a good source to judge this. :) Given what I've just learned, I would use #1 or #3.
    In this particular context I would write company's website because the job was advertised on the website belonging to the company.

    In other contexts I would write company website, but I find it very difficult to explain when I would choose to use which form.

    I prefer website, one word, no capitals. Others have different preferences.
    That's a relief to see, panjandrum. I thought this was some personal oddity of mine. It would never have occurred to me to write "Web site"; I write "website" automatically.
    I just checked my Microsoft Press Computer User's Dictionary and it lists all sorts of things I would never use: Web site, Web browser, Web page. I have a feeling that it's a holdover from the capitalized World Wide Web (or even World-Wide Web, which the book lists).

    It was published in 1998, so I'm just going to assume they don't keep track of popular usage. For me, it's website, webpage (although I'm also fine with web page) and web browser -- and it always has been, even in 1998.

    They even list Webweaver for webmaster, so, really, how much can you trust them. :D