Company departments, capital letters?

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Your letter has been forwarded to our sales department.
the personnel department

The red words should not be capitalized, shouldn't they? I don't think they should, because they're not part of official words.
< Offices and Departments >
Capitalize office, department, division, program, etc., when they are part of official titles. Otherwise, use lowercase.
the marketing / sales, etc. department
(from the OALD)
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    The advice given in Wiki makes sense to me.
    In the red examples, I wouldn't capitalise sales department.
    I can't comment on personnel department because there is no context.


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    In general, you wouldn't know the proper name of a department. You might apply for a job, sending a letter to the personnel department. It might in fact be called the Human Resources Department at that company. It is, nevertheless, their personnel department, so that lower-case description is safe. A company might talk about their own Marketing Department, which they could because they know that's its name. To you or me it's just their marketing department, and we don't care what its name is.
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