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Discussion in 'English Only' started by JungKim, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. JungKim Senior Member

    The following quotes are from this news article:
    Is possible to treat a company name such as Nokia and Apple as plural?
    I think it sure can be singular, but I'm not sure about it being plural.
  2. Beryl from Northallerton Senior Member

    British English
    I would expect them to agree in the plural, but I've a feeling that's a BrE bias.
  3. JungKim Senior Member

    So company names agree in the plural in British English and singular in American English?
  4. Parla Member Emeritus

    New York City
    English - US
    In AE a company is singular, as is a government agency. In BE, both are apparently regarded as plural.

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