comparación de igualdad

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  1. eba Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Could anyone tell me how do you translate these terms into English, please?

    comparativo/comparación de igualdad
    comparativo/comparación de inferioridad
    comparativo/comparación de superioridad

    I'm trying to put a title to these subjects on grammar but I cannot find a suitable one.

  2. Sprachliebhaber Moderator

    USA English
    A comparative (comparativo) of superiority/inferiority modifies an adjective or adverb: beautiful, more/less beautiful, most/least beautiful. Comparative of equality does not make much sense to me.
    Comparison (comparación) describes the relation of one thing to another in qualities, appearance, etc., good/bad, better/worse, best/worst.
  3. greenheyes Senior Member

    British English (Cheshire)
    A comparative of equality refers to " as tall as", for example.
  4. eba Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Thanks for your answers!

    But... then, can I use the term "comparative of equality" for " tall as..." ?
    If not, how should I call it?
  5. Sprachliebhaber Moderator

    USA English
    Yes, the comparative of equality is formed in English by "as (adjective) as".
  6. eba Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Thak you!!

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