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    Hello, good evening!
    Hola, buenas noches!

    I am trying to write a message to my friend (on facebook). This evening, I ate "pollo con mole" at a local restaurant, and wanted to tell my friend that the "pollo con mole" he made in January was better. How do I say "yours"..referring to the pollo con mole dish he made this past January? This is what I have:

    "Hoy, yo he comido pollo con mole... pero, esta comida no tan buena como suyo."

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Anemoah

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    "... no estaba tan rica como la tuya"
  3. ampurdan

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    Since you are comparing here two different "makings" of the same dish and "pollo con mole", unlike "comida", is masculine, I'd go with:

    "...pero no estaba tan bueno como el tuyo/suyo".
  4. daidai New Member

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    Thank you all for the response.

    It seems like I was in fact referring to the meal "la comida" when making a comparison. In that case, would it be more correct to say

    "..pero no estaba tan buena como la tuya"?

    in regards to syntax?

    In english, I would have written.. "Today, I had eaten chicken with mole.. but that meal was not as good as yours" (your meal).

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