comparative and superlative of badly

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  1. Ariel66 Senior Member

    badly is the positive form

    what is the comparative? "More badly"
    and superlative "the most badly"?

    differently than : well/better/the best where it remains similar to the comparative and superlative of good?
  2. flopflip Member

    Calgary, Canada
    According to "The Every Day Writer" and "The Canadian Writer's Desk Reference".

    positive= bad, badly; comparative = worse; superlative = worst

    Here is a link that explains when you would use more and most:

    Finally, in the superlative form of some adverbs, like badly, it often sound better to switch the construction.

    i.e. He drove worse than anyone I'd ever seen.

    This phrase sounds better when you change the superlative to:

    It was the worst driving I'd ever seen. OR
    He was the worst driver I'd ever seen.
  3. mateca New Member

    hi ariel66,
    the adverb "badly" has irregular forms: "worse" for the comparative and "worst" for the superlative
  4. baldpate

    baldpate Senior Member

    UK, English
    "I speak Italian badly, but my brother speaks it worse; however, my sister speaks it worst [of all of us]."

    The extra phrase "of all ..." is another example of what flopflip was saying : we often like to add something extra to the superlative form, in order to specify the set, the whole, the entirety, of which the given example is the worst.

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