comparative impairment


To get some idea of the comparative impairment of PMD at 40Gbps, it is necessary to examine the non-deterministic nature of PMD. It can be shown that its statistical probability follows a Maxwellian distribution, which can be used to predict the likelihood that occurrences of PMD will result in impairments exceeding a given limit

How can i translate the comparative impairment in the french language?

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    what does PMD stand for? as far as I know it can have different meanings...
    The leap from 10Gbps to 40Gbps poses some interesting technical problems, most notably in the high profile issue of how to cope with the optical signal impairments arising from polarisation mode dispersion (PMD). Although present at lower rate transmission, the effects of PMD become increasingly significant with increasing bit rate

    is a text for the telecommunications

    so, how do you beleive that i can translate the comparative impairement?