comparative of far (farther/further)

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  1. Magg Senior Member

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    The comparative and superlative of 'far' has two possibilities.
    Is there any difference between them or can I used them interchengably?

  2. Soupdragon

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    Hi Magg.

    Good question. I had to go and look this one up as I'm sure I've been using them interchangably for years. It turns out to have a few rules. This is what I got from the dictionary.

    Aunque en principio farther y further son intercambiables cuando se refieren a las distancias, solo further puede significar extra, más, adicional, complementario: until further notice, hasta nuevo aviso
    further education, estudios superiores
    without further delay, sin más retraso.

    Hope this helps...
  3. Magg Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    Yeah, the same goes with me; I've always been using them interchangably, except from 'if you need further information...'

    Now I see the difference.

  4. supercrom Banned

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    I also had the same doubt.
    I thinks you are right, because, depending upon the context, you can only use one word (comparative or superlative).

    Thanks a lot.
  5. Masood

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    British English
    Personally, I very very rarely use farther. In fact, I don't think I've ever used it.
  6. dave

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    UK - English
    Me neither. I think if you always use further you will always be right!
  7. Artrella Banned


    :warn: Yes, there is a difference and you cannot use them interchangeably in all the cases.

    :) We use both farther and further to talk about distance. In this sense there is no difference of meaning.


    " Buenos Aires is farther/further away than Mendoza"

    :) We can use further but not farther to mean "additional", "extra", "more advanced".


    "For further information, see page 277"

    :) So, as long as you want to give the idea of distance you can use both interchangeably.

    :) But, if the meaning is "extra" YOU CANNOT USE farther.

    I hope I made myself clear.

    Art :) ;) :p
  8. Magg Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    Buen consejo, Dave!
  9. mjscott Senior Member

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  10. gongorac

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    Espero que los moderadores no cierren esta consulta diciendo que consulte los diccionarios. Ya los he consultado y no hay respuesta a la misma. Gracias...

    Espero que alguien pueda ayudarme con esta duda por favor:

    Si la hay, cual es la diferencia entre FURTHER AND FARTHER?


  11. Outsider Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)
    Farther tiene un sentido más literal, más espacial, de «más lejos».

    Further es más genérico y abstracto. «Más allá de esto», «además», etc.
  12. kmb2215 Member

    USA, English

    Usage Note: Since the Middle English period many writers have used farther and further interchangeably. According to a relatively recent rule, however, farther should be reserved for physical distance and further for nonphysical, metaphorical advancement. Thus 74 percent of the Usage Panel prefers farther in the sentence If you are planning to drive any farther than Ukiah, you'd better carry chains, and 64 percent prefers further in the sentence We won't be able to answer these questions until we are further along in our research. In many cases, however, the distinction is not easy to draw. If we speak of a statement that is far from the truth, for example, we should also allow the use of farther in a sentence such as Nothing could be farther from the truth. But Nothing could be further from the truth is so well established as to seem a fixed expression.​
    pero, a mi, los dos son iguales
  13. emule

    emule Senior Member

    Havana, Cuba
    Further refers to time or amount. When we use further, we usually mean that something stands to a greater degree or in addition to something else. On the other hand, farther refers to length or distance. When we use farther, we usually mean exacly that: elapsed or measured distance, rather than elapsed or measured time.
  14. azules Member

    Argentina - Spanish
    So, will any of these be correct?"...he moved further away than 5 miles..." or "...he moved further than 5 miles away..."

  15. Mayoide Senior Member

    Como se ha comentado anteriormente, en el diccionario de wordReference dice lo siguiente en cuanto a la distinción de farther y further:
    "Aunque en principio farther y further son intercambiables cuando se refieren a las distancias, sólo further puede significar extra, más, adicional, complemetario."

    Pero navegando por Internet, he encontrado esta otra:

    Farther refers to length or distance. It is the comparative form of the word far when referring to distance.
    Further means "to a greater degree," "additional," or "additionally." It refers to time or amount. It is the comparative form of the word far when meaning "much."

    Mi duda es la siguiente: ¿Son las dos distinciones aceptables, considerándose entonces distintas opiniones de los usuarios o gramáticos, o sólo la primera es la correcta? ¿Alguien me lo podría explicar?

    Muchas gracias. ​

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