Compared to Beijing, I found more of the daily life in China...

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I spent the next six days in Xi’an. Compared to Beijing, I found more of the daily life in China because I stayed with a Chinese friend, who welcomed me home with open arms and so did his family.
(Quoted from an English test paper)

Should “Compared to” be replaced with “Comparing to” in this context?

Many thanks!
  • owlman5

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    Hi, sophy. I don't think that "comparing to Beijing" would do a very good job of making that second sentence fit what was said in the first sentence better. I would use something like "As I compared Xi'an with Beijing, I found ...".


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    You aren't comparing the 2 cities. You are comparing your 2 visits. In your visit to Xi'an, you found more of the daily life than in your visit to Beijing (because the visits were different, not because the cities were different).

    How much can you change the sentence?

    The simplest way to change it is to replace "Compared to Beijing" with "There" or "In Xi'an". The word "more" makes the comparison.


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    Very clear explanation! Thank you so much, owlman5 and dojibear!
    Thanks for the feedback, Sophy. I always appreciate responses from the members who ask a question in here. They help me a great deal as I make decisions about how I may want to alter my own future contributions to the forum.:)
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