compartir habitación - to share a room

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    Is there a specific reason why there is no article necessary when saying "compartir habitación" (i.e. "to share a room")?

    The English was "Noel, who shared a room with me, said..." and in Spanish it has been translated as "Noel, quien compartía habitación conmigo, dijo..."
  2. Wandering JJ

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    British English
    This is probably because un/una is frequently omitted before singular count nouns where the generic feature of the noun is emphasised.

    For example, Gillsfan tiene coche (G has a car), but Gillsfan tiene un coche rápido (G has a fast car).

    If the English had been "Noel, who shared an enormous well-decorated room with me..." then Spanish would have required the una.

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