compation - is it a real word?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Robbo, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Robbo Senior Member

    Searching for compation on, I find an astonishing 35500 results.

    Is this a "real" word (if so what does it mean?) or just a typo error for competition, compassion, compaction, etc?

  2. sweetpotatoboy Senior Member

    English, UK (London)
    Ultimate proof that you should never rely on Google or the web in general as confirmation for what is acceptable usage.

    If you look at all the search results, they are all clearly misspellings of the words you mentioned or others.
  3. I think it's just a misspelling. There are quite a few words it can be the misspelled form of so it gets high google results.
  4. evilregis Senior Member

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    35,500 is really not that significant. It may look like a lot of instances of a spelling on it's own, but relative to the amount of information Google has indexed, it's really quite insignificant. Google has probably indexed closed to 10 billion pages. 35K results on a misspelled word is not too surprising.

    If you start seeing millions of results on a given spelling, you might be on the right track but I would, like sweetpotatoboy, not suggest using Google as your reference for acceptable usage/spelling. The internet has way too much "LOL OMG!!! whut da fux0r j00 do dat 4 u azz!" on it. I'm disgusted with much of the apparent degradation of the youth's grasp of the language.
  5. sweetpotatoboy Senior Member

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    I wouldn't go that far!
    There have always been segments of society (the majority even) who have been more careless with language and less respecting of certain conventions. This is not necessarily a bad thing as they manage to communicate with each other perfectly successfully (though they may fare less well with other segments of society).

    What's different in this day and age is that their utterances and use of language is now increasingly in text form, whereas in the past it would have been largely oral, and therefore written forms are now recorded, potentially for posterity.

    So-called 'irregular' uses of language were never recorded in the past; now they're just a click away and seemingly indivisible from more 'conventional' forms.
  6. panjandrum

    panjandrum Occasional Moderator

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    Sidestepping the discussion of youths' journey to hell in a handcart, I wonder where Robbo found compotation in the first place?

    ~~~Huge Chuckle~~~
    Look what my accidental error found:
    ... sorry, I wonder where Robbo found compation in the first place - what caused him to search Google?
    Compation does not appear in the OED.
  7. Robbo Senior Member


    Gosh! That was quick! You read 35500 pages in six minutes! Surely a record!

    :) Robbo
  8. sweetpotatoboy Senior Member

    English, UK (London)
    You bet!!;)
  9. Robbo Senior Member

    I found it in a link on a serious, business webpage that is supposed to be carefully proofread before publication and at first I really did not understand what it meant (there was very little contextualization).

    The link was:
    "Earthquake Decompation treatments keep soils open and grasses growing"

    And the link was to a subscribers-only report so I could not read further.

    I believe that "decompaction treatments" are methods used to loosen the soil so that things can grow (not just garden digging!).

    As well as in disaster zones, these "decompaction treatments" are used on professional cricket grounds. Well, no difference there then!

    Thank you all for your responses. I was hoping that I was going to learn a new word but alas!

  10. maxiogee Banned

    Don't be SILLY! ;)
    He had a robbot do it for him.
  11. panjandrum

    panjandrum Occasional Moderator

    Belfast, Ireland
    English-Ireland (top end)
    Well, perhaps not a new word (though compotation was new to me), but the next time I am invited to a symposium I will wander along with a much lighter heart knowing that I am on my way to:
  12. river Senior Member

    U.S. English
  13. well....

    compation, loosely pronounced, sounds like compassion. The "tion" could sound like the "sion" in compassion.

    For compaction, it would be easy just to miss a letter. Not sure on why the "c" though. I suppose if you pronounce it quickly, the "c" might be soft, but it's still audible.

    I don't know how you could get competition out of it. That's a whole "eti" substituted by an a.

    As far as young people having no grasp of language; there are some that do and use it in whatever context :) There are some that write lazy online, but fine everywhere else. Others just have bad grammar. Here, you have to have immaculate spelling and grammar no matter what you're doing.

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