competencia genérica

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  1. lalolem17 New Member

    I'm new here and will like to ask how can I translate this to English

    "Integración de las competencias genéricas y su evaluación en los estudiantes"
    Because I have
    "Integration of generic skills and their assessment on students"
    but it doesn't sound well...
  2. Masood

    Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English
    It looks ok to me. Also:
    "Integration of generic skills and their evaluation on students"
  3. Quiviscumque

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    Well... you are right concerning English usage, wrong concerning "instructional jargon". "Skill" and "competence" are not the same (don't ask me why).

    Here you can read:
    "competence" means the proven ability to use knowledge, skills and personal, social and/or methodological abilities, in work or study situations and in professional and personal development. In the context of the European Qualifications Framework, competence is described in terms of responsibility and autonomy.
  4. lalolem17 New Member

    So, it means that will be better to use
    Integration of generic competences and their evaluation on students?

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