Competing adjustment


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"A trend towards this economic development and fiscal diversification orientation was evident by the mid 1970s. For example Meeker (1976), in his study of trends in national and regional growth in the United States, identified a number of broad policy alternatives including:
(a) Growth consequences of environmental regulations.
(b) Choices in the competing adjustment in transportation policy; how the expansion of telecommunications capabilities affected growth.
What does competing mean in (b)? Can someone paraphrase "Choices in the competing adjustment in transportation policy" to help me better understand its meaning?
  • Thanks a lot. Later I will try searching before posting a new thread. However, I am still confused about the phrase "competing adjustment in transportation policy". If "adjustment" were in the plural form, then I might interpret "competing adjustments" as that those "adjustments" are "exclusive" (competing with each other). So, please help me clarify its meaning, or determine whether there is some misuse.
    In your first post's example, adjustment is "the concept of adjustment", i.e. it is an uncountable noun.

    In your, "then I might interpret "competing adjustments"" adjustments are actual adjustments - countable noun.