competitive sector


English- Ireland
Hey I am looking to translate the following sentence:

In the highly competitive sector of IT support.......

dans le secteur conncurentiel ? seems too franglais to me!!
  • In French, it sounds right ( i mean that it is not as colloquial as it is in English)... but if you prefer sth more formal : < dans le secteur tres concurrentiel des NTIC>
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    I would suggest "Dans le secteur hautement concurrentiel..." (I don't know how to translate IT support) or "Dans le secteur très concurrentiel..."

    In spoken language, I wouldn't use "hautement concurrentiel", which sounds too formal. But in written language both are good.
    ... and I would add that "compétitif" is a false friend!

    "Un produit compétitif" is a product that outsands competitors'. So a "secteur compétitif" would be a sector which is better than another sector... That doesn't really make sense.