compléter le transfert de savoir-faire

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  1. Preet Kunj Senior Member


    Please could anyone help me understand the following sentence?

    L'expérience particulière acquise par les experts doit compléter le transfert de savoir-faire.

    My attempt: The special experience acquired by the experts must complete the transfer of knowledge.

    I feel this a literal attempt:) Please help.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Quaeitur

    Quaeitur Mod'elle

    Lille, France
    How about will round up the transfer of knowledge ?
  3. joaopaolo

    joaopaolo Senior Member

    Québec, QC
    Canadian English
    Nice suggestion but I think you mean "round out."
  4. david-poivre New Member

    English - Ireland
    I suggest:
    The specific experience of the specialists will cap off the
    expertise transfer.

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