Complain in mind ?

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  • EStjarn

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    Hello emilyzywx,

    This site - - calls it internal complaining or whining:
    Do you ever hear yourself talking to someone and noticing that you’ve been completely focused on what is wrong and why it sucks? Then, you notice that you don’t feel very good about it and want to change the topic to something else entirely. [...] Complaining out loud isn’t half as bad as the complaining you do in your head. The internal complaining (some might call it whining) is done on a more consistent basis with less conscious awareness of it.


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    Hmm... it is not "whining". "The internal complaining (some might call it whining)" should be read as "The internal complaining (some might call it internal whining)"

    OED "whine (v) 2. To utter complaints in a low querulous tone; to complain in a feeble, mean, or undignified way."
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