Complaint here,


Complaint here, what does it mean?
The program shall be submitted to the Employer for review and approval not later than ninety (90) days from the Commencement of the Services which shall include a plan and schedule of the buildings and facilities to be painted complaint with the inspection paint life expectancy.
  • It appears to be a typographical error. It might be "complete". The whole thing seems rather poorly written, and "inspection" seems to be another error.
    Then it might be 'compliant' that they meant to say.

    PS. However, people cannot be expected to see through all kinds of errors and, with reference to your post 3, your agreement or otherwise, disagreement, are irrelevant when someone is trying to actually guess and help you.
    It's a typo for 'compliant', certainly, but like Uncle Jack I am puzzled by what 'inspection' means in 'inspection paint life expectancy'.

    We can get a rough idea of course: the paint has a life expectancy, it has to be inspected, and the painting job has to comply with (some kind of) rules or plan. But I can't see how they fit together exactly.