complet (of a Priest) as ecclesiastic vestments

Jacques Brodeur

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French English
Parmi les articles volés dans mon prebitère, il y avait mon complet et des effets personnels....

Since these items belong to a Catholic Priest, could it also means ecclesiastic vestments rather business suits ?


BC Canada
  • JiPiJou

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    "complet" is the abreviation of "complet-veston" which means two-piece suit. Nowadays very few priests wear ecclesiastical vestments outisde their church (those still wearing a cassock are "traditionalists"). So it is not unusual a priest should mention his "complet" as any white-collar office employee would, though normally I would have expected him to talk about his "costume". It may be a question of age.

    Some priests wear what we call "un costume de clergyman" (in French) : black or grey suit with a dog-collar. But most don't.

    Kelly B

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    USA English
    In that case, I'd just call it a suit. A civil suit sounds like a legal proceeding to me, in US English.
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