completar (llenar?) la solicitud

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    Hola estimados foreros

    I need to translate this sentence into Spanish. It talks about a help line where applicants can get help filling out an application for a charitable donation.

    I have a question regarding the part in bold - does it make sense? Is it better to say completar or llenar?

    The application is in English, but Spanish speaking translators are available at the phone number to assist with completing the application.

    Esta aplicación es en Inglés, pero los traductores que hablan español están disponibles por teléfono para ayudarle a completar (llenar?) la solicitud.
  2. Idiomático Senior Member

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    Llenar o rellenar un formulario is the correct way to say it.

    Application is solicitud, not aplicación.

    You can say ...para ayudarle a llenar el formulario de solicitud.
  3. Hacklevel Member

    I would say "está" and "hispanoparlantes"

    Back to the original question.. I think completar is a more literal translation, while "rellanar" sounds better in this context that "llenar" as in fill out
  4. Alec Haskins Senior Member

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    Completar or llenar are both correct. Rellenar sounds to my ears more like a cooking recipe...

  5. aherrera09 Member

    I agree with Alec and Idiomático....para ayudarle a llenar el formulario de solicitud. sound better.
  6. superkm New Member

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    Sólo quería comentar que en España decimos "Rellenar la solicitud".

    Un saludo.

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