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    How can you translate into Hebrew phrases such as 'a complete and utter disaster', 'a complete and utter waste of time', 'complete and utter nonsense'? (Preferably retaining the emphatic nature of the phrase)
  2. ystab Senior Member

    מוחלט or גמור can serve for this matter. זהו אסון גמור! מדובר בבזבוז זמן מוחלט! I don't know of any usagethat combines the two, like זהו אסון גמור ומוחלט! but maybe it's just me

    Yet as always, a complete sentence will help us catch better the nuances.
  3. Tararam Senior Member

    As ystab said, mostly גמור or מוחלט will be used, but it depends on the context:
    1. Complete and utter waste of time = בזבוז זמן מוחלט
    2. A complete and utter idiot = אידיוט גמור/מושלם
    3. He's completely and utterly in love with her = הוא מאוהב בה בכל רמ"ח איבריו

    Sentences like the third one can also use "כל כולו" or "כל מאודו".
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    Thank you, what I was looking for specifically was whether or not there is an equivalent 'emphatic phrase' (complete and utter mean the same thing here, so the reason for the redundancy is emphasis). Kol kulo is a little bit like that, but is there anything more fitting?

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