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Martin : Let me ask you something, John.

John : Be my guest, Martin.

Martin : Bender and Sol here correctly completed Allen's proof of Peytor's Conjecture.

Can you explain the meaning of 'complete proof'? Thanks in advance.
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    Mathematical proofs can be many pages long and contain many equations, statements etc each of which needs to be accepted as true/valid etc. One can provide an incomplete proof of a "major" theorem if one of the fundamental equations or theorems itself is yet to be "proven" - although its validity may be "accepted". Then, someone can come along later and "prove" that minor theorem, thus completing the proof of the major one.

    The history of the proof of Fermat's last theorem (wiki) might be of interest :D


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    As you've written it, it reads "completed." B & S have correctly finished proving Peytor's Conjecture, which seems to be a mathematical theorem.
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