completed a weekly gain

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The Korean won completed a weekly gain on speculation the central bank will increase interest rates to curb inflation.

Could you explain the phrase" won completed a weekly gain" .

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    The won is a unit of money. (I am sure you already know this. ;))

    People thought that the central bank would increase the interest rates, and this increased the value of the won. Thus, by the end of week, the won had gained in value. It 'completed a weekly gain.'

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    I could be wrong because it has been so many years since I was in Korea. I am sure they are speaking of the Korean won, a unit of money. What I cannot remember is if it was wan or won. Probably makes no difference anyway since it is anglicised from Korean writing.

    Anyway, Cagey said it well. It is not be be confused with the English word won (as in to win).
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