Completly guy the database out


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"you should completly guy the database out and reprocess today’s feed"

What does mean of "completly guy the database out ". It seems to be an idiom or a phrase.
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    That doesn't make any sense. I'm thinking perhaps it was supposed to be "gut"? When you gut something it means to completely clear out or - in this case - delete everything and start over.


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    Hi amitshah

    Unless this is a very subject-specific phrase, I think there may be a mistake. I've never come across the verb 'to guy out', and can't find it in a dictionary. Was it supposed to say 'gut out' perhaps? If this were the case, the sentence would mean that you had to get rid of all the data you had entered into the database during the day, and then re-enter it all. Another note: completely not completly.

    NB: this strikes me as a very rare use for 'to gut out'. It's more often used with animals or fires:

    "He gutted the chicken out" i.e. he took the guts out of the chicken.
    "The fire completely gutted the house" i.e. the fire destroyed everything in the house.

    Definitely double check the sentence though - I may be wrong.



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    I agree with the above, contingent on the idea that the only data in the database is the one gathered that day, that "today's feed" is the only data that would be removed if you "gut" it, which sounds like a serious, drastic procedure to me.

    The only other typo I can imagine is "buy"; you should easily be able to determine from the context whether this makes any sense.