compliment her on Max?

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[For Rachel, I complimented her on Max:"The Maximum Baby."]

Could you explain this sentence?
I complimet Rachel, right?
And how can I understand with 'Max'??
  • anothersmith

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    Max is a boy's name. I suspect that this means someone is complimenting a woman on her baby, named Max.

    "Maximum Baby" sounds a lot like "Maximum Bob," which is a book by Elmore Leonard; there was a TV show based on the book a few years ago.

    But, of course, without more context it's hard to say.


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    This is why I was asking if this is fiction or not. "Max: The Maximum Baby" sounds like the title of a movie, book, or TV show. But I couldn't find any mention of that online. If the context is fiction, then that could still be the title of a non-existent book, movie, or TV show.
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