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Hi everyone, I have been learning Romanian for about six month now and am finding it very difficult. I make regular trips to Bucharest and thoroughly enjoy my time spent there going to night clubs and bars.
Although I do speak a little Romanian, I would like to know a few phrases to say to the ladies when I am in a club. Nothing sleezy or cheesy ;) just the usual stuff such as "can I buy you a drink?" You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen" yeh, I know thats very cheesy but what the heck! :D
Any other phrases would be greatly appreciated!
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    I can give you two right now, but you'll have to wait till tomorrow for more (if you're still interested).

    Pot sa-iti cumpar ceva de baut? Pot sa-iti iau ceva de baut? = can I buy you somehting to drink.

    Esti cea mai frumoasa femei pe pamant! = you're the most beautiful girl on this earth!



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    So, here are some pick-up lines in Romanian. Haven't tried them myself, but they should work! GOOD LUCK :D

    Chemati politia. Este ilegal sa aratzi asa de bine = call the police. It must be illegal to look so good!

    Stii ce ar arata bine pe tine? Eu! = you know what would look good on you? Me!

    Vroiam sa arat acestor flori cat de frumoasa esti ... = I wanted to show these flowers how beautiful you are...

    Doamne ce ma bucur ca nu sunt orb! = God, I'm so happy that I'm not blind!

    Cred ca am probleme cu ochii, nu-i pot dezlipi de tine = I think I have a problem with my eyes, because I can't get them off you.

    Esti chirurg ? Ca mi-ai scos inima . = are you a surgeon? Because you've taken my heart!

    Crezi in dragoste la prima vedere sau mai e nevoie sa mai trec inca o data ? = do you believe in love at first sight or do you need to go again?

    :) robbie