comporter des risques

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Hello everyone :)

I was wondering if "comporter des risques" can be translated as "pose risks". I know that the dictionary says "carry risks" or "involve risks" but I am not sure if either of them is correct in my case.

Context (a French decree):
Article 1: Les produits qui ne sont pas des denrées alimentaires, mais dont il est raisonnablement prévisible que les consommateurs, en particulier les enfants, pourront les confondre avec des produits alimentaires, compte tenu de leurs caractéristiques, notamment leur forme, leur odeur, [...], ne doivent pas comporter, pour la sécurité ou la santé des personnes, de risques, tels que l’étouffement, l’intoxication, la perforation ou l’obstruction du tube digestif.

(My attempt at a translation)
[...] must not pose risks for their safety or health, [...]

Thank you for your help.:)

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  • auptitgallo

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    You suggest:
    ...must not pose risks for their safety or health, such as ...

    I would say that pose is fine, but would re-word it slightly:
    ...must not pose a risk to people, in terms of their health or safety, such as ...


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    A hazard and a risk are different--the first is an external condition, the second can be a potential for fault of human judgment.

    I think the differences are similar in French between un danger and un risque.
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