composición ensayo redacción

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  1. bellamy New Member

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    la composición, el ensayo, la redacción

    Although I use these words interchangeably to translate the English word "Essay"; I wonder whether anyone can explain whether there are subtleties of difference in how these three words are used for "essay" in Spanish?

  2. ejpov08 Senior Member

    We use "Ensayo" when referring to the literary genre.
    We use "redacción" or "composición" when we talk about what students write at school.
    I think we use it indistinctly. But there seem to be some differences between them; I quote:
    Diferencias entre composición y redacción
    La composición tiene un estilo personal flexible sus ideas, oraciones y párrafos, en donde cada lector puede interpretar a su gusto.
    La redacción: es objetiva, con una forma ordenada de las ideas y de sus oraciones.
  3. bellamy New Member

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    Perfectly explained.

    Thank you very much.
  4. Joaqin Senior Member

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    Most Spanish Synonyms have subleties of difference in meaning
    of which most speakers aren't aware of.

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