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In a Pschological assessment paper; intended to investiage a student's case; there is much use of the word Composite; like
Adaptive Skills Composite
School Problems Composite
Internalizing Problems Composite
In some documents it is translated as مركب but I do not think that it fits well, any suggestions?
  • What does it mean in the mentioned contexts? If we know that we would be able to help.

    Other options could be:
    مجمّع أو تجميعي
    متراكب أو تراكبي

    It seems to me that it’s not used as an adjective though, it’s probably a noun that has a specific meaning as opposed to an adjective that means “composed of more than one part”.
    Composite here is short for composite measure: مؤشر مركب
    "Composite measure in statistics and research design refer to composite measures of variables, i.e. measurements based on multiple data items. An example of a composite measure is an IQ test, which gives a single score based on a series of responses to various questions." Wikipedia