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    I think more context would help ... how many words, for example? And are you supposed to use 15 words, for example, to create a 200-word piece of writing?


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    I think in this sort of context "composition" sounds a bit old-fashioned.

    For a test at school, I'd say "make up a story".


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    Sir, but would you also use the same phrase if it were not really a story, but an article, etc? I mean should I take 'story' in your phrase literally, or should I take the whole phrase to mean write something using hints, one's own knowledge and imagination?


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    The problem here is that Tony hasn't really given us much information to go on. His phrase "given words to make up a text" suggests to me something like a brief synopsis from which the candidate has to devise a coherent piece of writing. That might be a fictional story, or possibly a news report, or maybe a magazine article of some sort - or even an email.

    I don't think "essay" would fit as that implies a much longer, more structured piece of writing.


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    Sorry for the lack of context. :p For example:

    Make up a story with these words.

    . It was midnight.
    . Melvin was in his room.

    It was a dark and stormy night / a nice day.

    Melvin was in his room / at the window..

    Suddenly he saw a strange light / a big shadow.
    He was afraid / astonished.

    What was it? Was it a monster / a ghost?
    200-300 words.
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