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    I need your advice on an approach for rendering this term Compounding of offences into DE (DE)

    As per the Indian Company Law

    An accused committing an offence is liable to be prosecuted as per relevant provisions of law. Compounding is a settlement process by which the accused pays compounding charges in lieu of undergoing consequences of lengthy prosecution. - See more at:

    Law firms/Chartered Accountants (CA) usually help their corporate clients in these matters.

    Help needed : In the list of services a CA provides there "Representation for compounding of offences"
    i.e. they represent their Mandanten in courts etc. in matters of compounding

    My attempt:

    Vertretung bei Compounding of offences (einer Art von Regelung im Bezug auf Straftaten gemäß Indan Company Law)

    Is there a more precise DE(DE) equivalent for this concept / correction of my attempt ?

    Danke im Voraus
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    To compound an offense = ein Verfahren gegen Geldauflage einstellen.

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