compras compulsivas

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  1. Kuko Member

    Buenos dias!!

    Me gustaría saber como traduciríais la siguiente frase en inglés:

    en contra de las compras compulsivas

    lo he traducido así, pero me parece muy literal:
    against complusive shopping.....

    help me!!! ;-D
  2. NealMc Senior Member


    Depending on context your answer could be correct.

    Against impulse buys may also be useful.

    Impulse buys are why supermarkets put sweets and magazines next to tills, so you get the "impulse" to buy something you don't need to buy whilst you're waiting to be served.

    Neal Mc
  3. Kuko Member

    I'm translating a documentary that talks about compulsive buys in Christmas.

    Thanks for your help, now i've got more information...


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