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  1. Jinnifah Senior Member

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    I can't seem to find a good translation for this. I thought maybe "frais complet" or "frais tout inclu" but I can't find many examples online.

    The comprehensive fee is in reference to a fee charge by universities and covers enrolement, documenation, tuition, room and board, etc.

    Merci d'avance!
  2. Monomotapa7 Senior Member

    French (France)
    I think frais globaux is appropriate. Frais (fee) is commonly used in plural in French.
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  3. Jinnifah Senior Member

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    Merci Monomotapa, cela fonctionne très bien.
    Le pluriel marche-t-il dans ce cas?:
    "Ces frais globaux de 3 000 $ couvrent les frais de l’inscription, de scolarité, de ..."
  4. xtrasystole

    xtrasystole Senior Member

    The usual term is 'frais forfaitaires'.

    'Les frais forfaitaires de 3000 $ couvrent les frais d'inscription, de scolarité, etc.'

  5. bh7 Senior Member

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    Canada; English
    The GDT also suggests " frais globaux ", but I know that " frais forfaitaires " is current in Canada too.

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