compression-compression fatigue

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  1. alejinho New Member

    Hola, tengo dudas con ese término (compression-compression fatigue), por que en español no he encontrado nada que se diga:

    fatiga por compresión-compresión, tengo mis dudas.

    Ing. de Materiales, gracias.
  2. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    As I understand it, there are three related types of fatigue testing.

    tension-compression fatigue (tension is sometimes written as tensile)
    tension-tension fatigue
    compression-compression fatigue

    In the first, the test piece is first pulled, then compressed, and this constitutes one cycle. The test piece is subjected to thousands of cycles or until failure.

    In the second, the test piece is pulled, then allowed to relax, and this constitutes one cycle. In the third, the test piece is compressed, then allowed to relax, and this constitutes one cycle.

    I don't know how this would be expressed in Spanish, but I hope this will help you find out.
  3. alejinho New Member

    thanks so much, these explanations do really help.

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