comprimidos gastrorresistentes

Discussion in 'Medical Terminology' started by craig46, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. craig46 New Member

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    I have been prescribed medication with this on the box, not sure what it means though. I know comprimidos is tablets but gastrorresistentes has me beaten..... Gastro resistant, slow release?
  2. walkiria Senior Member

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    Means that they are not bad for your stomach. They must be covered by a product that makes that it is desolved later in you digestive system so that it don´t damage your stomach.
  3. Eugin

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    Hi Craig!! Welcome to the forums!! :)

    As walkiria told you, "gastroresistentes" means that they are resistant to the gastrointestinal tract, and that they won´t make you harm.

    "Slow release tablet" would be comprimido de liberación lenta/ controlada.

    Hope this helps a bit!!

    Be careful, walkiria!!! I am sure it was only a "slip of the hand", ;)

  4. CRC

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    Sorry to disagree but gastrorresistente doen not mean glentle with your stomach. It means that the tablet has been coated (eneric coating) so that the active ingredient will not be released in the stomach, and therefore preventing its absorption, but until it reaches the upper portion of the duodenum.

    Best regards
  5. Maria Ragnardo Member

    Gracias por la referencia.
  6. walkiria Senior Member

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    I agree with you, you explained it much better than me. But it´s true that they are made this way for people who cannot resist the pill dissolving in the stomach.
    Eugin, I just made a mistake, I have no excuse, thanks for your correction.
  7. CRC

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    Hi Walkiria:

    Your post reminded me of Ascriptin(r), which is aspirin with a coating of Maalox, to reduce heartburn. But I have the feeling that this was an attempt to maintain a market share, rather than a pharmacological approach, due to the surge of other NSAID with better gastric side effects profile. Until it was published the cardio-protection and blood clotting effect of aspirin in low doses that placed this drug back on the spotlight.

    Take care

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