Comprobante Fiscal Digital

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  1. Comprobante Fiscal Digital

    Hola, cómo digo esto en Inglés?

    Fiscal Dygital...??
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  2. Hebe-asteriod

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    Caracas- Venezuela
    Venezuela -Spanish
    Hola, si se trata de un comprobante de pago de impuestos emitido por computadora una opción sería "electronic (or printed) tax payment certificate "

    Hope it helps .
  3. aliencowman New Member

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    UK - English
    "Digital Tax Certificate" funcionaria para mi tambien :)
    Comparalo con "Firma Electronica /Firma Digital" ... etc.
  4. aliencowman New Member

    Valencia, SPAIN
    UK - English
    From Google: The digital signature of the certificate from the issuing institution FNMT ... identity document or tax identification number of the certificate holder will ...

  5. Frequent_user New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    In fact the question is more related to the use of electronic invoices which is a subject very common actually in Mexico I think so. Translation should not be taken in a literal way; in general terms; using business language Fiscal Digital Documents or Fiscal Digital Invoices would be well understood.

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