compromise and endanger


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Queria saber si puedo reemplazar "compromising" con "endangering" en esta oración. Muchas Gracias

I ended up staying an additional month, which was the longest I could do without compromising the project my university was financing.
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    You could. They would have a similar meaning in this context. However, 'endangering' suggests something a bit more drastic and extreme (as it is from the word 'danger'), whereas 'compromise' is a more measured term meaning 'to affect in a detrimental way'.


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    I think compromising works well in this sentence. Compromising or compromised can imply a certain type of danger, as in your sentence and in "compromised position," etc. these definitions are from merriam webster online for compromising and compromised:
    b : to reveal or expose to an unauthorized person and especially to an enemy <confidential information wascompromised>
    c : to cause the impairment of <a compromised immune system> <a seriously compromised patient>
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