compromise chance


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Mandarin Chinese
If I want to say that something might reduce the chance of doing something, what kind of verbs could I use, compromise,reduce? I think the safest one is "compromise", but keep repeating it is too boring. Could you give me some other choices?

Internal strife at Fudan University may compromise the university's chance of finding the right candidate for its presidency, the governing council's head warned yesterday.
  • Suehil

    British English
    'spoil the university's chances of finding...' 'reduce the chance of the university's finding...'
    But 'compromise the university's chance of finding..' is actually the best.


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    English, US
    diminish the university's chances of finding...
    decrease the likelihood of the university finding...
    jeopardize the university's search for...

    do you think that any of these might work??