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Hi there, I don't know how to translate "compromise" here. I don't fully understand the following sentence:

(A man is a spy that hides important documents and prosecuted people in his lover's house. Though he had not told her everything about it -because he thought that would be safer for her if she didn't know the full extent of things. But now the government is suspicious about her).

"And it was his fault. He could have kept her totally in the dark, or he could have told her everything. Instead, he'd tried to compromise and ended up telling her just enough to get her into bad trouble"

"Y era por su culpa. Podía haber seguido manteniéndola en la ignorancia o podía habérselo contado todo. En vez de eso había intentado .......... y acabado diciéndole justo lo suficiente (como) para meterla en un buen lío".

Comprometerse... ¿con la causa? But there is not any mention of it.
I can't see it.
Any help?

Thank you in advance.
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    Se refiere a que intentó llegar a un compromiso entre las dos opciones. Podía no haberle dicho nada y mantenerla en la ignorancia (opción extrema), o decírselo todo e implicarla del todo (la opción extrema opuesta). Pero en lugar de eso intentó llegar a una solución intermedia (a un compromiso) y le contó solo una parte (justo lo suficiente como para meterla en un lío, como dice después).

    Espero haberme explicado correctamente.
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