compromise on or with


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Dear all, which one is correct?
A)They never compromise on their products
B)They never compromise with their products.
To my mind, A is correct.
Thanks a lot.
  • Cupric

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    When you look at both definitions, you'll notice that yes you are indeed correct.

    compromise (with) (one's) principles
    To forsake, ignore, or otherwise go against one's fundamental beliefs or virtues. I never thought he would compromisehis principles just to get ahead in business like that. Jane felt really guilty about compromising with her principles whenshe didn't turn her friends into the police after she saw them stealing.

    compromise on (something)
    To reach an agreement in which both sides make concessions. Living in this seedy neighborhood is not something I'mwilling to compromise on. We couldn't agree on what to have for dinner, so we compromised on tacos tonight andItalian tomorrow.
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