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What does “compromise” mean in this context?

I figured, is “ to expose or make vulnerable to danger “ the correct definition for this context? See definition 6,

Could you take a look for me? I am not pretty sure about this one! Many thanks!

(Prison Break)

Michael: Ever hear of tensile strength - Hooke's Law of Elasticity? If we drill holes in strategic locations, we compromise the load-carrying capacity of the wall. We'll be able to break through the part of the wall that covers the pipe opening. ... ... We go in through the tip of each horn, the eyes, the end of the nose, the bottom of the fangs and end of the braids.

[Michale said this will make a kind of X, which will enable them to drill through this 6 inch concrete wall]
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    Compromise means to give one thing for another Soooooo In the prison break context it means if we put holes in strategic locations we will NOT GET (Or compromise) the carrying capicity.

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