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Hi everyone,
Reading House of Blood by Bryan Smith and came across the following:
What does "compromising" mean? <Does it mean "to be in a situation revealing an embarrassing or incriminating secret about someone?">
What about the "compromised"? <I couldn't take a guess on that one>
The scene is about a girl who found her boyfriend having sex with another girl.
When she'd opened the door to room 206, she'd caught Dan in what could only be described
as a compromising position. That is, it compromised certain illusions of fidelity and monogamy.
The revelation also compromised the assumption her lover of six months was exclusively heterosexual.
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  • PaulQ

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    "A compromising position" mean "an embarrassing and/or incriminating situation."

    The phrase, "a compromising position" is often (but not always) used as a euphemism for "being caught having sex."

    In this case, Dan was clearly in the middle of having sex - and not with his wife...


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    They mean that you have not given a full sentence or any context. ;)

    Have a look at our dictionary - that will help. At the bottom of the dictionary page, there are a lot of posts on various usages of "compromise. :thumbsup:
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