compter les gouttes

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  1. chealg New Member

    Can anyone translate this phrase from Mauriac's Thérèse Desqueroux?

    The line is:

    'Du moment que de son propre aveu, il ne comptait jamais les gouttes...'

    I am also a little unsure about the 'que' in the 'du moment que'...

    Remerciements en avance.

  2. Yendred Senior Member

    Français - France
    Thérèse Desqueroux tried to poison her husband by overdosing on the Fowler's solution he used to take as a medecine.
    She used to pour the solution using a drip system. But her husband said ("de son propre aveu"), that he did not count the drops she gave him ("il ne comptait jamais les gouttes"), so she had the possibility to overdose the medecine.
  3. vsop44 Senior Member

    pays d'Evangeline
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    Without more context , this is how I read it .

    He ,candidly, admitted that he never bothered to count the drops...
  4. chealg New Member

    Many thanks - yes that all makes perfect sense, I had wondered if it were an expression, but it is literal.

    Merci encore. A la prochaine.

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