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  1. alvarez46 New Member

    Hello Good morning! I am reading an article where the author of the article is using a lot of computer terminologies. I am not familiar with some terms. Can somebody help me please with this term? "computer strokes" Give me some Spanish translation and a good easy definition in English, in order to understand better? Thanks :)
  2. Ana_Fi

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    Madrid, Spain
    Spain - Spanish
    Can you give a complete phrase or a little context?
    I just can think of 'key strokes', which are 'pulsaciones de las teclas'.
  3. SolAguila

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    Por favor más contexto.
  4. alvarez46 New Member

    Ok. This is the context: It was unfair that a few "computer key strokes" could unearth an account of her arrest in her college days.
  5. lmgutie

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    Mexican Spanish
    I would translate as "unos teclazos de/en computadora"

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