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    Hi everyone,
    In the following sentence, what would the translation of "compute and storage resources" be into German?
    "Es ist ein effektiver Weg um IT-Ressourcen konsumieren, wie Rechen-und Speicherressourcen." (It´s an effective way to consume IT resources, such as compute and storage resources").
    Thanks, and please feel free to correct any other errors, as I´m sure there are :)
  2. Bahiano

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    Hi Ernesto,

    I marked the three issues with three different colours:

    In this case, um needs the Erweiterter Infinitiv (a.k.a "Um-zu-Konstruktion")

    A question of style - avoid repetition of words

    konsumieren = verbrauchen! In this case "to consume" rather means nutzen.

    My suggestion for compute and storage resources is "Rechen- und Speicherkapazität".

    Now, you've got all the pieces to finish the puzzle...;)

    Tenha um bom dia (as your location seems to be Lisbon)
  3. Ernesto91 New Member

    English - England
    Thanks so much :)

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