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Hi! In "Mirror Dance", a sci-fi book by Lois McMaster Bujold there's a line that confuses me:
A real human tutor had introduced him to a vast array of virtual learning programs. He'd lost himself for days at a time in the computer's patient praise. Unlike his Komarran tutors later, they repeated themselves endlessly, and never punished him, never swore or raged or struck or forced him to physical exertion till he grew sick or passed out. . . .
I have a foggy idea that it might mean something like "in the (patient) computer's care" but am I on the right track here? I've never encountered the word "praise" in this meaning. I thought it best to ask... Thank you!
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    It means that each time he got a task correct the computer praised him for it. He might have made numerous attempts at the task until he got it right but the computer was programmed not to criticize when an answer was incorrect, so the learner would continue trying to give the correct response and when he achieved it the computer congratulated him. So he was given the impression that the computer was very patient with him and then it praised him.