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    Hola todo el mundo,

    Estoy traduciendo una pagina de agradecimientos para una publicacion de un organizacion nongobiernamental (ONG) que trata de la salud. El documento es un trabajo de estudio de caso en Costa Rica.

    Tengo que traducir la posicion de esa mujer que es: "Comunicadora Social." Aunque me parece que sea "social communicator" en ingles, eso trabajo no me suena.

    Hay otra expression, como "spokesperson"? o "interviewer"? No sé exactamente lo que hace una comunicadora social..

    Muchisimas gracias :)
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  2. njumi Senior Member

    I think that the profession of "social communicator" does exist, because you can find wikipedia entry for "social communication" and the searching in the google finds about 16.600 results for "social communicator".
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  3. claire.monet New Member

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    Interesting suggestion. It could be an obscure profession. Many of the google entries I have found refer to "social communicator" as an apparatus or a computer application or program. There is also some information on social communication in terms of psychology. But the wikipedia entry is convincing.

    The Canadian scientist who is publishing the study is not familiar with this as a profession, and nor am I. But the wiki definition could make sense in the context of the study, and she is willing to accept "social communicator." It just seems so vague.

    Thanks for your suggestions.
  4. fenixpollo

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  5. claire.monet New Member

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    Hmm.. thank you. I am getting a better sense of the idea, it has to do with mass communication and journalism, maybe in the field of social sciences... But a translation is still tricky....

    Thanks :)
  6. fenixpollo

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    I agree that a translation is tricky, because it's less a case of finding a translation than of finding an equivalent. If you could explain what a "comunicadora social" does, then we could find an equivalent in English.
  7. aurilla Senior Member

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    Isn't that something like "public affairs"?

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