Con agua salada, tequila con limon..

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U.S., english
I finally found this pattycake song but do not understand all the letras:

Yo me casé, con una tupé
Tenía muchos liojos
Yo me los quité
Conn agua salada, tequila con limón
Huevitos de tortuga
Pichón, pichón, pichón

I get the head lice and salt water refererences but not the rest.

  • Sprachliebhaber

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    USA English
    Lice are piojos and tupé is masculine, el tupé. The rest is literally "... with salt water, tequila with lemon (or lime), little turtle eggs and a young pigeon, pigeon, pigeon". One could conjecture that "liojos" is a play on "líos" (complications, problems, or colloquially, affairs) and a pichón might be a "chick" (girl). You can decide.
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