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Hola a todos!

Me pueden ayudar con esta frase?

"X" comunica que la Junta General de Accionistas ha aprobado todas las propuestas del Consejo de Administración por mayoría con la asistencia del 34,06% de capital y que pagará un dividendo bruto de 0,09527570 euros por título, con cargo a los resultados del ejercicio 2006.

Yo he puesto:
On June 14th 2007, XXX announced that the General Shareholders Meeting has approved by majority vote all of the proposals made by the Board of Directors, with the assistance of 34.06% of capital and will pay a gross dividend of 0.09527570 Euros per security, with charge of the profit from the 2006 fiscal year.

Esta bien "charge of the profit"?? No me suena correcto.

Gracias de antemano.
  • Hello Plyglotlizotte,
    I hope a native speaker of Spanish will turn up, but since your question languishes unanswered, I'll make some comments:

    "asistencia" probably does not mean "assistance" here. Perhaps "with 34.06% of capital represented" would do.

    "euros por título" is probably "Euros per share".

    And for the phrase you ask about, I think maybe: "charged against fiscal year 2006 earnings."
    Hello CubaMania.

    Your comments were very helpful. You're right- I think that "share" is perhaps more common and probably better than "security". and I like "charged to 2006 fiscal earnings".

    I think the sentence flows a lot better now.

    Muchas gracias!!
    Can someone update this all these many years later? I have the exact same context, dividends paid "con cargo a 2022" and "with charge to" or "charged to" just don't sound right to me.
    Hola, Sergio:

    Ya en esta misma discusión, la compañera, @cubaMania , brinda una execelente sugerencia para traducir lo de "con cargo a": "charged against".

    Si no te parece dicha alternativa, entonces, te pedimos, por favor, nos brindés el suficiente y debido contexto para poder tratar de ayudarte de una mejor manera.
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