con despacho legal en el bufete

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by denizk, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. denizk New Member

    Hi, I'm trying to translate a notary document to English and it has the phrase

    " El suscrito notario [...] con Despacho Legal en el Bufete XYZ y Asociados,"

    Aren't Despacho Legal and Bufete two different words for Legal Office? I understand this is the notary certifying his place of work, but I'm not sure how exactly to translate it.

    "The undersigned notary [...] with Legal Office in the Law Office of XYZ and Associates" ? That's really awkward.

    Your help's much appreciated :)
  2. David

    David Banned

    whose law office is associated with the firm of Trespatines, Nananina y Escobinha...
  3. denizk New Member

    Thank you SO much David! Happy holidays!!

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